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Originally Posted by druid View Post
Set your input PSI to about 425/450 and micromanage your fps at the LPR.
Since the LPR only affects how much air gets to the pneumatics (or, more accurately, the pressure of that air), it has no effect on velocity. Cycle speed, yes, but fps, no. Maybe you meant use the IVG to adjust the velocity? Assuming the guts are stock, then 400-450 should be in the ballpark, but I personally prefer to "sweetspot" my regs:

1. Set the IVG right in the middle of it's travel and lower the HPR pressure as low as it'll go
2. Turn up the HPR about 1 turn at a time (take at least 5-10 shots at each step of the adjustment)
3. When the velocity stops increasing and either levels out or starts to drop, you've reached the "sweetspot" for your gun
4. Use the IVG to adjust the velocity to a safe and legal range and you shouldn't need to touch the HPR again unless there's a sever climactic change (I usually have to go through this twice a year since the weather here in PA swings like a pendulum. The LPR, once set, will very rarely need to be adjusted.)

With the HPR adjusted this way, your gun is operating as efficiently as it can with the hardware it's got.

PS: Fattie, get yourself a PPS stab. They're pricier than some others, but they're just about the best out there. If you're going to use CO2, stabs will take it no problem. The only other reg I'd suggest for CO2 use is a AA Black Ice (not made anymore, so finding one may be tough, but when you find one, it'll likely be less than even a used stab...often <$50).
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