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Blackrain's Mystery box sale #3

Pending Wunder bread.
Semper Fi

Here it is all ready to ship on Monday. Price is $70.00 Paypal only. Lower 48 states only. No trades. Price includes insurance and tracking number. Yes it's the same picture as the first sale,but it's the same size box,so why waste photobucket space lol. I would advise someone who likes to Tinker to buy this . Item is in great shape,but once again a project I won't finish it and it needs someones loving. So if you feel lucky and want to take the chance,here it is.

Could be working gun, could be non working gun.
Could be a uniform and gun parts might not be.
Could be a whole bunch of gun parts you can make cash off.
could be a combo of all.
could be a bunch of bandanas and parts.
could be old school stuff.

However, this is an as is sale and no refunds. You take the chance. Whoever gets this,I'm sure you won't be disapointed. Might even help someone out. If you bought from me in the past you know it's good. I just have to get rid of stuff to finance "Team Rogue" my Scenario Team.

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