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Well, gang,

Here are the pics of the mod, as promised. After it's tested to my satisfaction I'll be posting more specific data to Evil Ed for use on VM Empire (assuming this thing passes muster). In that event, I will be including all technical information, boring stuff, etc.

Here's the test valve, all small holes freshly bored (I maintained the large hole, as I wanted to test it as is, to keep variables to a minimum. In time, further tests will likely be done, and their results included). He's wearing a bandit's garb and some internal plugging to keep out as much junk as possible. Besides, it makes him look mean!

Name:  MVC-020F.JPG
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Here he is, having been tapped for 10-32 threads, with a stock friend for comparison.

Name:  MVC-033F.JPG
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And here he is again, having been plugged with 3/16" cap screws. You can see the blue Loctite on the left side. If it looks as though the cap screws are really short, or in really deep, there is a reason for it (though some of it is is an optical illusion). But more on that to come.

Name:  MVC-044F.JPG
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Again, these are just the pics, to whet the tinker appetite. There's more that's been done to our friend here, but I don't want to give away too much (read: put your stuff at risk if you unwisely follow suite) until things have been properly tested.

With that in mind, be advised NOT to try this (unless you have spares and just don't care) until this is fully checked out. I don't want any of you annoyed with me for having ruined your baby.

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