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New Bolt Action KBA

A new rifle is born.
This is the KBA, a new construction commission rifle, built by Spydrmn- Jake and myself.

This is a new production rifle based on my personal K Series bolt action rifle. It is ironic that I'm known for the KL lever guns, but I prefer bolt action rifles. Those that have been on the field with me for the past 5 years know that my favorite paintball toy is the "Death Gun", so named by Repo because it is deadly accurate and almost silent. Jake and I have built several bolt action rifles of this type for people that value them perhaps even more than the KLs. They are excellent rifles for those with the soul of the Hunter.
With the recent and now new commercial interests producing lever guns, and the fact that I'm told that I no longer make KLs, Jake and I feel it is time to produce the best rifle of my favorite type- a new K type Bolt Action that meets and perhaps even exceeds the abilities of my trusty long rifle.

Made from the finest brass, this rifle has a 20+ inch .685 barrel with spiral porting, an integrated locking Thadapter on a 20 round side tube, custom ported bolt, '03 Springfield bolt handle, blade front sight, flip up rear sight, high efficiency valve, Faast Changer, rear velocity adjuster, lightened trigger pull, and it is mounted in a Remington stock.
The KBA is the first rifle we've done that directly reproduces the style and effectiveness of the "Death Gun". We would like to make some more. If you are interested, let us know.

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