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Originally Posted by BretG View Post
She's a beauty.
Has she been to visit the Palmers Beauty Shop?
the guy i got it from said she has a Dyna valve(i checked, she does), but i didnt ask about the whole tune. You know how much it runs?

Originally Posted by MacWhorter View Post
Nice gun, didn't realize how good condition it was, i'm sure you'll love using it! We'll have to both play with our kps at fox one of these days, i'm sure no one there would ever expect to see two of them in the same place. Hope the o rings fixed the leak, there really isn't much else that could go wrong... BTW, is the barrel polished out? The performance difference is big.
We have to copy Russc and do a 1v1 lol, im stll looking for some 12ies, but i gota feelin that did it.
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