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Originally Posted by Frink View Post
Despite what people say, there are a lot of KP's out there. Cutting a dropout slot will lower the value and make it harder to sell later on, but it's not like your putting a carbon fibre barrel on it or anything.

I'd personally leave it as is, I've found a dropout slot on a KP doesn't really increase the changing speed, almost makes it more awkward. I've always found a fast changer to be the best method. Any work done to your KP? A PPS performance tune will make it a lot more practical than a drop out slot. Then you'll only have to change 12grams every 30-35 shots instead of every 15.
More awkward, really? Hmm, I should think about that twice. It's like a thadapter... it seems like things would be better with, but in fact, no. I guess I'm gonna stick to my fast changer.

And no... i did not follow your advices when I was purchasing it, about a performance tuning. I was so short in both time and money, and the worst is that customs did waste my time and money at the boundary I was so upset.
I've just polished the internals transfers and putted a Dyna valve in. Haven't fired it yet to know how much shots I get, though.

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