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Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post
I am looking for DAC Bob Long Long Shot barrel(s) for a cocker. Prefer .687 but .689 will do. Aluminum or Stainless.

What does the DAC stand for?

I recently purchased 4 original bob long cockers that came with original barrels and I would be willing to sell them as I dont use them.

I will take pics so you can decide what they are...

Here is the pic....

Cant find the 4th barrel but here are the 3 I had laying around..

The one on the far right is a dye barrel i see now, but it came on one of the bob longs. I assume aftermarket.

The one is the middle is the one I think you are looknig for.

The black stubby on the left is sort of cool looking.

Anyways, hit me up with an offer if you want them. Also have a RF dust black bob long w/pnea and pnu cover I would sell for practically nothing.

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