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Aug 30 '09, National EAST COAST 5-man pump event - Pev's Paintball, VA

The DC Challenge, 5-man pump division is a go!

"Thank you for your interest in a pump division at the US Paintball League DC Challenge August 30, 2009 at PEVS Paintball Park. I have now added this division and your team can register at American Paintball Players Association - Paintball's #1 Event Registration System after clicking on "DC Challenge".

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and support. I look forward to seeing you there!

All the best,

Camille Lemanski
US Paintball League"

We just received this today via email.

US Paintball League

DC Challenge
Aldie, VA
August 28 -30, 2009

Pev’s Paintball Park
39835 New Road
Aldie, VA 20105
Tel: (703) 327-7640 or use their contact form here: US Paintball League - Contact Us


"Rules: (this are the rules from the Huntington Beach event, so I'm not positive if there wont be Co2 at the event, nor if Kristen Kliest will be running it or not.)

To answer your questions:
1) Pump will be unlimited paint
2) IDs will not be required for this event
3) The lovely Kristen Kliest is helping us run the pump division
4) The Price Hikes do not apply to Pump: Entry is $500
5) All games will be played on Sunday
6) 5 player
7) Center Flag
8) 5 min 10 sec
9) Important: There is only HPA and no Co2 available at the event!"

This is a one day event, on Sunday August 30th, 2009.

Link found here: Pump Information! - PbNation

Come on fellow pump teams, lets get a better turn out here than last years NPPL Buffalo event. Register as soon as possible and don't procrastinate and wait until the last week to pay entry fees if you can help it.

Don't pass up this opportunity to not only participate in a 5-man pump event, but a National one at that. The better the turnout, the greater the chance of seeing more local pump events popping up around us. There may not be prizes, but the national exposure this will bring to your team will help more than any prize would. Lets help bring pump tournaments back to the east coast.

DC Layout:

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