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2) The word "Minimag" on the valve and regulator portions of the back end do not line up perfectly. Is this a problem? Could the valve and regulator be out of alignment

3) When I aired up the minimag for the first time, the fittings were leaking. I took it apart to tighten them down, and I noticed that the bolt does not have any sort of rubber or foam that I have read about on its face. Instead, it was slightly concave. Is this a newer bolt design, or do I need to put a foamie/bumper/whatever on the bolt? What level bolt does this marker have?

4) I expected velocities to be fairly consistent because I am using HPA at 750psi as the powersource. However, my first test shots seemed to be about +/-10. Is there a break-in period for the regulator, like with other regulators, or is it possible that the seals became dried out or something while the minimag sat in storage for years?
2 - You don't have to screw the two halves together until they are tight you can stop when the halves line up & it won't affect performance.

3 - Concave as in rounded & cupped to fit a paintball (which would indicate an aftermaket bolt) or concave as in the center part is recessed from the edge as if there is place for a foamy but it's missing?
To the best of my knowledge the AGD bolts all have three somewhat triangular holes in the front that pass the air to the paintball. If the bolt has a circle of round holes & a cupped front it's an aftermarket one.

4 - If your reg was leaking you would get a hot first shot after waiting 30 seconds or so but shots w/i a second or so of each other would be lower.
More likely than not the reg needs some oil or break in time.
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