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Just got to the point where I'm happy with the mods I've done to my Phantom and Sniper so now I'm sharing with y'all.

My VSC Phantom with Duckslide 1-piece feed and Rainman229 kit.

I was having issues with the T-stock unscrewing itself due to me tilting the gun during games, as well as it catching on stuff, so I came up with this novel solution to my problems. Grippy, tiny, and doesn't snag or get in the way of any of my gear. Plus, I can use it as a crutch

My 2k4 halfblocked Sniper. Milling and anno done by Noxx55. A CF barrel and composite grip frame make this baby super light. Without the tank it is almost as light as my Phantom.

Feedback: MCB - Ebay
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