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A ha found your feedback!

Bought an Automag Classic from him, awesome communication and shipping and a great price!

Nice little treats in the box too, like an unannounced cocker to mag adapter.
The uber sweet "9V" E Trigger was also a nice find.

Nothing funky or unexpected about the sale, good stuff !!
Sgt. Hollywood's feedback

Mini collection
Old School VM68 Mag with PPS Stab, dual bottle (rear and slant. Ported valve and Starfire Bolt (alum), tweaked springs & Lapco Cocker adapter.
Pneumatic Design Storm Oddball marker but fairly accurate.
Phantom 6",11 & 14"" DanW .45 Grips SC hori feed now VSC, Shoed up.
PGP Blinging, Classic AutoMag (mini) "Tactical" custom,
Trracer Rifle in the works, 2k+VF WGP cocker, 2 Trilly Pump "Sniper" conversions, 3 Trracers
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