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Up for the day. Thread will be deleted after today and new updated ones will go up.

For those that have paid, your stuff is shipping today. I am sorry about the delay. I will post delivery conformation numbers when they have gone out.

For those that havenít paid yet or I havenít heard back from, the items will go back up for sale in the next thread. I am sorry but I am sick of looking at this stuff and the wife wants it out of the house.

I know I am waiting on a few Money Orders and those items will not be in the next sale.

The new thread will have a few mystery boxes (shouldnít much of a mystery priced $50-$100), Markers at a lower price, more package deals, a few new items, and some specific trades. I know times are tough on everyone and I am trying to work things out the best I can. Thanks for your dealing with me so far.
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