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Phantom 90* frames (pre-order)

I was thinking of doing another run of these frames. I've been getting a few pm's here and there about them. But I just don't have the funds to get the material need to make them.

So heres the deal. They normally go for $75 shipped raw and $85 shipped Anodized Single color.

If you would like to pre- order one
$55 shipped Raw
$60 shipped anodized.
So you can either save $20 or $25 your choice.

Would need a min of 3 pre-orders if paid in full
But If theres more I would rather do half Payment up front.

Now For the details on this. This will not be a rush thing. Expect to wait at least 3 to 4 weeks after all pre-orders are in. cause i will need time to get the material and to make them.

Now to set a pre-order cut off date

will be Jan 31

Pm and post here if interested

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