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Eddahenry Feedback

So has anybody elese on here been screwed by eddahenery I paid 100 dollars for two of his 07 cyborg body kits on the 06 of march. I wait and wait and wait shipping from Australia so I wait. A month and a half rolls by I am finally able to contact him via email pm box was full for a long time. He says that a few other peoples got lost in the mail he says that he will either refund or send me some more I opt for more to be sent cause I want to build a cyborg. One more month rolls by still nothing I am finally able to contact through email he says that he will refund in two days a week later still nothing and no cantact able to be made with an email a day since then. Just curious since his feedback thread on here had good things to say about him.

So I finally received my refund. He made good but beware.

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