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Touch my stuff or steal from me

Get A black eye,maybe a broken had so that you remember. Then I'll probably beat you for a while. I'm just that type of guy when someone tries to steal from me.I'm really a nice guy too. I don't care if a pod cost a $1.00,it's the principle that matters. It's the point that I worked for it. Personally I have left pods on the field and have had them fall out. They were returned most of the times full. I'll get this response. "Steve,I used the paint that you dropped,I'll fill your pod". My response"Hey you needed it more than I, plus you returned my pod, don't worry about it". I've lost a pod a yr ago,the owner still had it sitting around when I came back a few months later . Some kid returned it after I left for the day . I'm thinking of bulk buying some cheap ones lol . I loose to many in the summer.
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