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Bolt and sear durability...

Although I have owned a Classic Automag for a little over two years now, I don't have a great deal of history with them. One little tidbit that I have never picked up in my experience and reading about the Automag is the durability of the sear and bolt. I recently watched the Tom Kaye video from 1992 about the 'Mag and heard him say that the sear was hardened and the bolt was designed to wear before the sear.

Anyone have any idea the lifespan (shot count) of a sear and a Level 7 bolt? I have a straight stock setup and am curious if I will be able to hand my current 'Mag to my son when he is old enough to play in about eleven years without having replaced a bolt or sear. I would say that I maybe put five cases a year through it - I am conservative on paint (oldschooler), break out my Sniper II in favor of the Automag frequently, and only get to play about half as much as I would like.

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