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The cocker barrels have quite a long unthreaded portion and that's the portion I'll be using. The wire whisker won't be a straight one like the Automag one is. Instead it would circle part way around the back of the barrel and then bend through a 90, travel slightly forward and then hump inwards in a through cut in the side wall of the barrel. That configuration would also put it at the leading edge of the ball coming in and hold it back.

I tried the tape idea and got it to work after I'd done the chronoing but it took me 3 layers to hold the Reeballs. They are quite a bit smaller than the paing. But on the barrel I taped I even needed two layers to hold my current paint in. All in all I don't mind one layer of tape since I can pinch it by wrapping it around. But if I need to play with 3 layers of tape and worry about it coming unglued then I'd rather find a better solution.

Of course a barrel kit is the answer but I'd like to use the barrels that would not otherwise work well. One option that I found on this or another site was a Python short insert kit. It's nice because it'll work with any barrel as long as you have the one for that threading. And at $30 a kit it's very reasonable. But it does extend things by a good 2 inches by the looks of it.
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