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Originally Posted by Brinstar View Post
Another option is to do something like one of the BOA models. At the base of the threads (where the barrel o-ring is), they cut a notch through the barrel, so that the barrels o-ring would go in a bit.
That may be an idea. Cockers don't use Orings from what I've seen of the 3 or 4 I have here but a groove cut for one and then cut deeper to allow an Oring to form the detent may work nice. I'll have to measure it up.

Also I wouldn't want to cut that large a slot into the barrel at that point. There's a lot of leverage if you hit the end of the barrel on something and that opening would be at a critical point. I'd rather see something like that back in the short section between the threads and the breech where there's no loads.

Grande, I've got a kit but I'd like to use the barrels that came with the various cockers I got as well. Also if this works then I want to do the same to my Nelson based pumps that also suffer rollouts and that I can't get any barrel kits for.
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