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Keys_JR Feedback

Hey guys, I have to post this about Keys_JR.

We spent the last few weeks finalizing a deal on my ATS AT-85 with custom upgrades. We had also agreed on my E-vents mask and an extra magazine. The total came out to 443$ (I agreed to pay for priority shipping of the money order).

After about a week of replies such as this one:

Well I went in today to do it all up. Apparently they are still holding my money and it should be good tomorrow, tuesday, for payment. I will do it first thing in the morning. I will also try and work on my parents to get it sent out tonight, but they are already unhappy as it is...

The day to send payment came. Today I check my email to read this message:

Arg! Although I'm probably not nearly as annoyed as you will be but I am still very annoyed. My parents threw a huge fit after I told them that I was about to finalise a deal. First they tell me I'm on my own, then the turn around and throw a huge fit. So basicaly I can't get you the money and I can't buy the gun. I'm truly very very sorry. I hope somebody else offered.

I have to post this on the forums. Not only is it a big hassle for me to move my equipment to my new home, but I am out the numerous people I have already told "sorry already sold". I guess I am the only one to really blame in this situation, because there are numerous times I've been in the, "I'll send out the check tomorrow".

If a moderator wants, I have saved all of our conversations via pm's, (incoming and outgoing messages).
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