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Buzzard... How old?

I just picked this one up...

Per the seller:

Mini Buzzard

Its like a regular Buzzard, only it has a shorter pump.

It is not ready to go as you can see by the picture, it is missing the rat-a-tac, but that can be simply purchased and screwed right on or you can screw on a tank.

It has been sitting in storage for many years, so I would have to guess that it may need a new o-ring or two, and the trigger needs to be tweaked out.

It is the very old style body (you can tell by the barrel threads) with a pivot trigger.

The marker is technically new, as it hasn't been played with, shot, or even air-ed up. However, its been sitting in a pile of other buzzards, so it may have a few scratches on it, and that is why I listed it as used.

In my book, this is sort of a project gun.
Any thoughts on it's age? No matter what flavor of Buzzard, it was too cheap to pass up.....

its been sitting in a pile of other buzzards
Who has a pile of Buzzards sitting around?

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