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Agreed with ^. Scenario is where most of my play time is dedicated. It is also a section of the sport that is seeing a huge influx of new players. The marketing departments of most of these companies are working overtime to convince these new players that the things they have are a must for the scenario player. Ever look at vests for instance? You have a couple of companies making good vests that are designed for scenario play and paintball in general and a lot of smaller retailers that are grabbing law/ military vest and marketing as suitable for paaintball. These newer players fall for tha marketing and images, and end up unsatisfied with the product, not to mention being out the money. All buyers should educate themselves, but the reality is that marketing works, thats why companies have marketing departments. If they are going to market a product to this section of the sport, at least take the time to not rip the consumer off. I know a lot of people who have spent money, myself included to only end up disappointed. If the manufactuers continue with the style before substance routine, it won't be long before these new players head somewhere else, taking there capital with them. While I am not predicting a end of paintball, losing new players sucks, no matter how it was done. It is our end of the deal to be welcoming, show honor and sportsmanship. It is the manufacturers end of the deal to grow the sport thru commerce, not rip us off.
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