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Figures the I'd have some Spyders... Anywho, here's what I have/have had and all the modifications in between. Nothing fancy yet, but still fun to look through.

Group shot

Electro's first.

06 Electra with eyes.

05 Pilot, If I have to use an electro, this is it.

Mechs next.

Group shot. Left to right. Xtra, TL-X, Parts gun.

Spyder Sport.

Spyder SE.

Mr1. Different looks through the ages.

Rugged AK look. Rough stain was on purpose, thought it'd look better than all shiny.

When I first got it.

A pistol I made out of it.

Pretty much my favorite right now, Kingman Hammer Plus. Defiantly want more of these in the future.

First project I've ever done with wood. Came out nasty but I appreciate all the good words I got from people anyway.

My current project is a secret, so no pics for you!

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