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Bought a KP2

Originally Posted by Dirty Deuce View Post
Whew.... Glad you got it sold before I had a chance to piss off the wifey.
She took it amazingly well...

On Tuesday the wife and I planned an overnight trip to North Conway, NH. We where to leave Wednesday morning, take the kids to Story Land, get a room on the main drag and do some Geocaching and check out echo lake on Thursday.

Fast forward to Tuesday night; after the sale of the KP2 from Aaronlecain, we worked out an exchange in the parking lot of the Army Barracks in Conway for Wednesday. I was to call and let him know when I was about an hour and half away. When I placed the call on the road to let him know my whereabouts it was the first time the wife had heard of the deal... Never got a lick of sarcasm or any grief what so ever...

How cool is that... go away for a few days with the family and come home with a KP2.

Just got home from the mini get away and put a 12 gram through it... It's a bit dark out but I must admit for my first KP2 I am very impressed... I knew there was a big fuss about these but never really understood why, now I know.

Big thanks goes out to Aaronlecain for taking the time to drive over and do the exchange. I really enjoyed our conversations and hope to meet up with you in the future on the playing field.
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