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So what's the big deal about the old Dye autocockers?

So over the past few months since I got into this addictive sport I've bought a couple of Psycho Ballistics guns and researched them on the web and seen all the comments about how they are a very poor copy of the original Dye cockers.

So today I go into one of the local stores to buy a burst disc and there's a clearance table. Obviously my shoes carry me over to there. Lo and behold there's a batch of LPR's and 3 ways for $10 each for the LPR's and $5 each for the 3ways. So I buy a Dye LPR thinking to replace the "cheap and cruddy" PB one. When I get home I open it up to see what's different and what do I see? The very same single piston and activator rod pushing on the very same bicycle tire valve stem. So it's nice that I how have an LPR with "DYE" on it rather than a lightning bolt but the innards aren't any more high tech. Which makes me wonder what all the fuss was about.
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