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Well, Russ had a problem with a PB valve pin bending so perhaps the PB versions ARE a little more crappy then the Dyes but for the most part I think you're right about Dye's engineering not being all that great. The fact that the trigger frame uses 10-24 screws instead of the universal cocker standard of 10-32 makes me think that someone wasn't all that interested in doing the job right.

Oh well, I've got lots of tire stem valve cores thanks to my bicycles so I guess I'll just learn to keep a couple in my field repair kit if I'm using the DYE/PB LPR. Oddly enough it seems to flow the air just fine. But if the rather fragile little stem pin bends at all then it's toast. And the issue is that it wouldn't take much for the long umbrella style piston and shaft to get out of line and bend that pin. If the lower end of the shaft had a set of centering fingers on it then that would be a different story..... Hmmmm....... I think there's a lathe project in my short term future...
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