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3 AMP ZXS electros 95$ package

Long story short. I bought these 3 markers for a trizilla project back in December, with the new baby I just don't have the time.

They are in very good condition. I believe they were never used. They have some handling marks and small scuffs from being in storage but I never took them out. The only serious flaw is one of them has a crack in 1 grip panel..The bodies are aluminium, not plastic. Each has a different barrel, 1 black, 1 silver & 1 silver/powder finish.

Before posting I put a battery in and they still dry fire fine.

You get the markers, instruction manuals, tools and plugs.

I found ZAP made a similar model, Zap ZXS 1000E | Paintball Review |

I find they remind me alot of my old dragun or any spyder clone. The barrels take spyder threads.

I take paypal.

I would like these gone fast. So I'm asking 95$ for all 3 shipped to the continental US or Canada.

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With all the drama, whining, superiority complex, and "you can't play here newbie" attitude I wonder if scenario paintball is attempting to take a lesson from tournament paintball on how to decrease interest.
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I don't particularly have any respect for players using a pump gun.
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