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Vlocity or Reloader B

I've got a Gen E Matrix in the mail, and I'm definitely considering a force feed hopper to prevent chopping hopefully since the marker doesn't have eyes. So I've kind of ruled it down to the Vlocity or the Reloader B, brand new there's only 10 dollars difference in price between them locally where I am- this really comes down to preference. I have a halo frontman TSA and I really like the sound activation feature but at the same time I like that you can adjust the tension on the balls on the Vlocity. Anyone have any feedback. The Reloader B I'd imagine makes somewhat less noise because its not constantly on but is the Vlocity really all that much louder at lower levels of tension? Anyways I know everyone hates versus threads, but this is really an either or scenario and I'd just like some feedback as to which you guys think is a better choice for the Matrix.


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