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Odd'd and ends I don't need..

I have the following misc. items FS/FT. Please post then PM me so I know who asked first. PayPal is best for me but I will accept cash or Postal MO's. I will ship to Canada but shipping will be higher. Oh, all prices include domestic shipping and are OBO!

Starting in upper left:
2 - 45 round hoppers. One with sticker has screw cap other is BE. Top one $6.00/BE $4.00
First trigger frame is a cocker slider (no internals) with milled top to fit a Sheridan - Sold
Second frame is also a slider, no internals, metal, takes older trigger plate and sear. - Sold
Third is a newer frame, has a cut trigger guard, internals, grips, missing a couple of grip screws - $10.00
Next row beside the BE hopper is a Sheridan muzzle break(slip-on) and a set of stock grips - Sold
Unknown ram, worked when it was on a gun - $5.00 <SOLD>
Lone Star bottom line block (lnib) - $8.00
KAPP cradle with very short rod, will mount to grip frame - $5.00
PMI Reg it worked when I got it and held pressure, ok shape - $10.00
Foam fore-grip for a IDC "Cat" barrel - Sold
Three barrel plugs - $3.00 due to the fact two of them are aluminum
1 inch elbows for Sheridans and other guns with a 1in feed neck - $2.25 ea OR $6.50 for all four
2 BE 12 gram changers, have not tested these so lets say - $7.00 each or both for $12.00

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Misc bits-

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