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Rare light green Nerve - $220 plus shipping

Gun is sold!!!!!!
I am not %100 sure I want to sell this. Just testing the waters. NO trades!!!! If someone wants to pay my price without haggling then Its yours. Any lowballers I will simply ignore(sorry).

Shoots ropes. Just not really playing much anymore and got a closet full of markers so thinking about thinning the heard. Only thing wrong with ti is there is some scuffs at the top right(last picture). Comes with .687 insert. I have owned it since new and it was in perfect condition until I brought it to the Oregon SPPL last year as a back up gun. Well I didn't notice the team members grabbed it and threw it in a pile with other guns. The wagon load bumbing and grinding for a 100 yards or so scuffed it all up on the top right....yes I was livid but oh well. Other then that its a great marker.

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