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Oct 4 & 25 '09, Poor Man's World Cup - Headrush, Syracuse, NY

HeadRush Inc.
3417 Walters Road
Syracuse, NY 13209
315.453.RUSH (7874)
HeadRush Action Sports Park - Syracuse, NY

Friggin Free 5-man... Poor Man's World Cup? These guys come up with the best tourney names haha. I figured I'd help spread the word for those who are interested.

Headrush's definition of divisions:

Open to all players. 10.5 BPS Ramping based on the 2009 PSP Standard.

A player who is has not finished in the top 3 in any 2008 Beginner tournament with 8 or more teams registered or any player using a pump gun. 10.5 BPS Ramping based on PSP 2009 Standard.

Explanation of the Intermediate, 5-man division:

Originally Posted by kcrane377 View Post
Short answer is: Its a 5 man and you will get between 8-12 pre-lim games.

Long answer: We are using the RaceTo-2 format which means you play 4 teams. You will play between 8-12 games as you play each of the 4 teams in a best of 3 structure but these games are not back to back, usually you have 3-5 games between each of your games.

Basically there is no real difference between 5 Man, and 5 Man RaceTo-2. You get the same amount of games. Scheduling is the same. You just play less teams but you play those teams more than once.

Layout... World Cup layout, of course!

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