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blue Vice for sale or trade

sold locally.
I would like to either sell or trade my vice. I am the first owner and she has been well taken care of.

Vice: 4C eyes, LPR tester, Tadao M8, and all stock parts. The green is paint and can be removed cleanly at your request. It is simply automotive paint that can be removed like a sheet with a bit of paint remover (it will not cause scratches or damage in any way).

Price: $550 paypaled and shipped via FedEx w/ insurance and tracking straight to your door (continental US). Also, at this price I'm going to include a 6-piece Empire Barrel Kit and I3 Pro mask. See the below picture.

Trades: suprise me. I've never had an automag and would like to try one. I'm really in for unique markers, private label bushmasters for example.

You will get the 10" (short black) tip and 5 backs.
16" tip, 14" tip, .690 & .693 back gone
I moved to the country now I'm gunna eat me alot of peaches!


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