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Benjamin Sheridan Silverstreak

Howdy! Got, this from a friend who left it to me as he forgot it during a move so I don't know too much about it. It shoots and holds air and seems to be in pretty good shape except for that there seem to be what look like to be tiny odd paint specks in a few places on it although they're not very noticeable and some wear on the trigger gaurd. I don't think this one can be used for a hurricane conversion so I guess that's a bummer, but it's still a pretty keen little rifle. Asking $160 shipped but negotiation and possibly trades are accepted.
-Palmer stabilizer(no longer need as a friend is hooking it up)
-APEX barrel (pro am threads)
-Tippmann m98 cyclone(and other 98 parts)
-Tippmann stuff(especially f/a's and SMGs)
-Phantom Stuff(especially an sc body or a nice barrel)
-could use a J&J ceramic(or other nice barrel) for my 98
-parts that I could make sweet milsim markers with(esp. an m4 foregrip (98 fitable), M1 Carbine, garand, M14, Thompson, parts and stocks)
-XBox shizzle?(some bastard stole my copy of GTA San Andreas and how I yearn for it back)
Pics in gallery
Tyler McLEmore
EDIT: and I don't do paypal...
Oh yeah... and more pics of it tomorrow

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