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Oct 11 '09, Gravity League gets Xtreme in Agawam, MA

Announcing the third Gravity League tournament event with a few new twists. Gravity League is coming to Xtreme Paintball in Agawam, MA on Sunday Oct 11, 2009.

We are very excited about this new teaming. We are lowering our prices to $25 per player for this event to say thank you to all of you who have enthusiastically supported us to date. Paint will be All Star for this event at $60 a case. Plus as an added bonus, Joe will be giving a free pass for a day of self equipped play to all Gravity League players as a thank you for supporting Xtreme and supporting Gravity League.

So come on down, play it for the competition, play it, for the challenge, play it for the Bubba. Play Gravity League at Xtreme
Xtreme Paintball - Agawam, MA

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

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