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F/S - JT Speed Pod Setup w/Revvy

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! JT Speed pod system with Revvy, collars, pods, spares.... Price: $50.00 plus shipping

12v Revvy with Speed Collar
Extra Speed Collar, 1 tab broked but doesn't affect mounting
5 black speed pods
5 olive speed pods
extra tops and extensions

You will need to pick up some rubber bands for the tops, but I've just been using those found at the local office supply store. Since I've been playing pump and limited paint games, I don't have a need for these.

I won't ship first...
Payment methods (PayPal, Money Order) will depend on the buyers feedback.
My feedback can be found here:
AO Feedback
PBNation Feedback
eBay Feedback

If you are interested or have any questions, please post, PM, or email me (

Thanks for looking..........


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