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Gravity League, thoughts and ideas for the future

On Improving Gravity League
thoughts and ideas for the future

Disclaimer: I am not in any way an official representative of Gravity League.

First of all I want to thank Fluff and everyone else for starting Gravity League and working hard to make it a success. I'm really happy to see a grassroots movement by local players to get something that they want. Especially as it's a tournament format that appeals to me. I wouldn't have thought a pump tourney in New England possible until recently. I know I haven't played in the series yet (not for a lack of trying), but I've done what I could to at least help out in the last event. The turnout at P&L was amazing and I hope those numbers continue in coming events. With that said there is always room for improvement and growing pains are to be expected. What I hope to accomplish with this thread is a sharing of ideas on how we can lessen such pains and provide the players with what they want out of the league into the future.

Schedule and venues:

I feel that the series will need a clearly defined schedule of events for the season (spring through fall, or w/e) with a public calendar with events listed well in advance, for instance at the beginning of the year or several months in advance of the event date. This will provide some stability in when to expect an event and allow teams to plan properly in case they have to work around other events, work, practice, etc.

There should be specific criteria for the venues. What are the acceptable field types, viewing areas, utilities, pricing, etc? Will the event be woods, air, hyper/spool/pallet, or mixed? The field type and layout should be published before the event. A variety of field types can be good, as long as the players know what to expect ahead of time. Otherwise people may leave disappointed if they were expecting something different.

Rules and organization:

Who makes the decisions? How are the players represented? There needs to be some sort of governing body. Whether it be a committee, or elected position, or direct democracy. Some structure will be needed to make hard choices and to make sure things get done. Players need a way to voice their opinion and raise concerns. Not everyone will agree on everything all the time, so some system needs to be in place to resolve things fairly. Someone(s) will need to handle the money/business side of things even if it's non-profit.

League rules need to be either enforced or dropped. The clothing requirements immediately come to mind here. Refs for the events should be aware of League rules and willing to enforce them.

Promotion, media, web:

GL is going to need a central place for people looking for information on events rules etc. Best solution would be a dedicated website with news, rules, calendar, photo/video and forum discussion links. A dedicated page removes any indication of bias toward a specific forum and makes for easier organizing and hyperlinking. We need to post events to as many pump friendly forums as possible. We should get as many videos and pictures of events as possible and publish them as follow-up to event postings on the various forums.

These are just thoughts I've been having. Not trying to step on any toes here or anything. I just want to see this league continue to succeed. I'm willing and able to help out with websites or whatever as I worked at a webhost for 3 years. Most importantly I want to hear what everyone else thinks.

Sorry for the rant.

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