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Thanks for the responses so far. Don't get me wrong here, my intention is not to be overly critical nor do I expect everything I said to be implemented or even considered. These are just ideas I had based on my observations. I'm not out to belittle the great work that's been done so far. I hoped to start a dialog for people to share ideas and maybe the good ones will stick.

jk_6109, Yes the yearly schedule may not be feasible based on field availability and other situations. I honestly don't know what goes into that. My reasoning was that the more advance notice the better for people and would make events seem less ad-hoc. I'm glad you like the website idea, it would certainly give GL a "face" as opposed to nebulous forum postings.

dalious, Sorry you feel I danced on some toes. It is certainly not what I wanted anyone to feel. I think Fluff and all have done great work but as you acknowledge there will be fine tuning still needed. There is no reason not to strive for improvement even if it has exceeded other events. I mentioned the field layout as others had expressed a desire to know before hand. If the intention is to have it a surprise then that is fine as long as people expect such. You are incorrect in the fact that rules have been already published for the league in pdf format in an older thread. Something a website or even a stickied thread could help to organize.
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