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Originally Posted by Gogged_Gurl View Post
you order your duck with a smaller barrel,or do what everyone did for years before we paint matched or had wedgits and inserts and detents,learn to adapt.

i can they are very different guns,the box is just the standard buzzard chassis with a special pump,feed and short barrel. theres some pix of frink's guns being mixed and matched around here somwhere,you cant do that with a duck im not defending his price im just stating its alot more involved.

ill most likley NEVER spend a grand on a paintball gun again unless there a massive shift in the economy,if i was going to it would be a redux
Yeah, the Box Gun, in relative terms, is a simple piece (I was the first owner of Frink's BG). The entire top portion is a single milled block, and it uses the frame from basically any other Carter gun. From what I have heard, the DD is a pain in the *** to mill, requiring lots of fiddling. I cannot comment on whether or not it is "worth" twice as much, but it is rather different than a Box Gun.
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