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do you know who the kamikazi shooters were? in the right hands just like any paintball gun they are just as serious as anything else,how is it a novelty?

So, today cjottawa came out to the field, with his beautiful redux. Now I have seen some stock guys play before, mostly to my amusement to be honest, usually with a tinge of pity...

not today.

Chris, first game (if I recall) was playing the village, and racked up a sick 4 kills with 7 balls (I know, you guys are wondering how he missed 3 times?) He was so ball on ball today, some kid approached me and asked if I could put Chris in some kind of fort and it could be everyone against him! lol.

you know reading that furion brought back a funny little story about 4-5 years ago when i stopped playing semi and switched to pump. before the AGG rush on pump and all that. a lot of people said the same thing to me....a pump gun is a novelty, a girls pump team? what a joke" you cant seriously think your gonna go out there an "blow heads off"

not to long after we were placing in the top of the OSC consitently and winning games against the best pump players around and "blowing heads off"

so post that kinda stuff all you want it, just makes the victorys more sweet when people with that additude have to eat crow

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