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Originally Posted by Furion View Post
Meh...Why not play with a nice Palmerized PGP or find a used Pug.

Either way, Duck, Redux or Boxgun. They aren't really practical. You play with them as a novelty nothing ever serious.

I'm not saying don't buy one, but don't think you will go blow heads off with it. Its a funy novelty gun. Like a Lotus Elise, not a practical car, but on the weekends its a fun driver.
No offense...but go play with your palmerized PGP or used pug(I happen to own a palmerized PGP and think the ergonomics and cosmetics SUCK, how the hell can you pump with the handle ENDING up over halfway into the grip frame at full pump extension), and drive your Lotus Elise, and we'll kick asses any day of the week(at least DSA will) with our Reduxes and have a kickass time doing so. To each his own
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