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Two project FASORs, make a mech or electro your choice!

The Good: Up for sale are two broken Odyssey RPMs and an lpr. The black gun is the new style and has a broken LP valve (acts as the solenoid) and the blue gun is the old style and has a broken feedneck. Without a replacement valve the black gun will not work as an electropneumatic. The blue gun works fine but the feedneck doesn't quite fit. These two guns, along with some aftermarket parts I bought and will include, can make one superbly adjustable fasor. I will include two different valves (high flow and "stock" style), two different valve springs, three different rams and three different ram springs, as well as all the stock parts. The LPR is made by Tippmann and was originally meant for the e-bolt conversions. I've used this LPR in my RPMs for electropneumatic operation and it works perfectly. Best of all it requires no extra work to mount as long as you use a dove tail rail.

If I can find the steel line for the blue gun and the vertical adapter I used for the black gun i'll include them.

To sum it all up, the black one doesn't work but could be either repaired or converted to mechanical operation and the blue one works fine but needs a feedneck.

The Bad: As well as the aforementioned problems there is some damage to the rear of the blue dovetail rail. The lpr is also missing the macro fitting, though it still has the wrath fitting.

The Ugly:

$110 obo for everything, offer the worst I could do is say no.
Not parting at the moment, but shoot me an offer if you need a part.

I prefer to use PayPal but I will accept M.O. as well.

For trades I'll consider phantom parts (frantom or "stealth" barrels and inserts, drop-out valve body, surprise me) or stock-class gear.

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