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Who Am I.... Deep Thoughts From The Paintball God

Recently there has been some concern with regards to my existance and who I really am....

Well, I am Velcor, the omni-potent god of paintball. That's it... on the surface.

Deep down I am a fun loving god who enjoys his time on the plain of humanity... more so than the halls of Valhalla... Tor and his damn lightning bolts and hammer always ruin a good time.

I enjoy standing on the sidelines and watching paintball.... and all the poor attempts by most to "play"... I can tell you that only through truely believing in yourself (and me of course) can you truly reach the pinacle of your abilities!!!!!

So, I do exist, I am real... I can make your time on the field fun and rewarding... or I can keep you off the field all day trying to fix a leaking valve, shorted 'noid, or creeping reg. Believe in me and I will help you to further enjoy paintball.

Doubt me and I will smite your equipment
All Hail ME!.

I'm a paintball expert......
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