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Illusion, whats it worth?

I have a couple of illusions I got when I played the Shatner event at CPX years ago. I have the one I played with in the tournament and I also bought another one at same time for stock class with the feed tube facing forward. Later on the one I played with I drilled and taped the rear back round block so I can adjust the velocity, I made an adjusting tool, it adjusts much like a reg cocker. Anyway trying to get an idea of what is is worth. I have been playing just about every weekend, since,,, I started to play, rain, snow, etc. I have about forty markers it is not hard if you play a while anyway, I have been thinking about thinning out the herd. thanks
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Usually about 100-150, closer to 200-250 with the stock feed... less if it's been modified, as the velocity adjustment is supposed to be done via the adjuster inside the pump guide rod. Condition, color, and model are important factors. Hard ano is a plus, the square pump handle is a minus, and red fade is (sometimes) a plus.
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thanks for the info

thanks for the reply, with the front adjuster the velocity was very hard to fine tune, it would spike high or low with little input. When I put the rear adjustment on it was easier to fine tune and yes I have a reg on it. I have a tool that is much like the one on my Karnivor, I do not have to take anything apart and it works great. So much for that, I do not think they are worth selling, at least I can keep them as momento's of the event, playing with paint they gave us, I could not hit the guy 10-15 feet in front of me, while he was baking cookies standing out in the open. That is why bring your own paint is the only way to go, one team can not hit anything and the other has no problem. It was an odd event, but- then you had to know Forest Brown. thanks again.
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