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By far the sweetest pull I've felt on a mech was a micromag, classic valve, with an r/t on-off stuck in it.
The beauty of the Automag is that when you get it set up just how you want it, you discover that you have enough leftover parts to build 2 loaners.

My feedback:
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So for what I'm trying to achieve here, an RT-ULE Custom from AGD will serve my purposes?
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Well yes, it could serve your purposes. Though if you want completely mech, that can reach the higher speeds, without bounce, you'd need a pneumag. Which you can't get directly from AGD
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Teah me to read the first post in it's entirety. In Mech Mode, it's still pretty fast, but both my Pneumags were faster. I recomend a magnet mod as well.
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Here is a video from the seller of a Pneumag I bought last year. Never got to use it, but it was pretty fast:

YouTube - PneUMF Mag Cpabilities
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Originally Posted by 240SX View Post
So for what I'm trying to achieve here, an RT-ULE Custom from AGD will serve my purposes?
By itself? I don't think you'll be able to achieve that ROF in a 'pure' mech mode without RT'ing.

High end mags have become a tinker's market really. There are plenty of plans and plenty of folks who can do it well if you don't have the mind to.
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Originally Posted by Drachen View Post
The RT is more of sweet spotting the trigger. Pneumags can be walked like an electronic marker. Only problem, is there's really no way to cap the marker itself.
if im not mistaken, there are no BPS caps on mech markers.

Even in the PSP or something liek that. I believe mech guns dont have a cap. Loophole? lol i dunno, ill probably need to check into this more
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Technically speaking, yes you can. Assuming all parties are using legitimate semi only, you could equal them in speed with a pnuemag. The problem is that you can't cap it in anyway, you don't have access to modes if you happen to play in the tournament scene. For the most part you will be behind in terms of sheer technical prowess but you will keep up. Zapthemad used to/maybe still is selling "cheaters" which are pnuemag add ons that require zero thought on the end users part, they just drop in.

In the case of an EPmag lets say (so you can have all the modes/etc too) you're looking at (generalized bst prices)

-100$ for the body
-175+/- For the valve/l10/ult/etc
-30$ for the rail
-100$ for the frame (depends what you want to use, this is extremely variable)
-50$ for the noid
-50$ for the board
-20+/- for the LP line/piston/mpa3

Ontop of that you're going to be building it yourself, so if you're handy this isnt much of an issue. You're looking at 650+/- plus your own time/work if you wanted to be on vaguely the same playing field in terms of technical capabilities. Add another 50$+/- if you want a set of eyes, more if you want a trigger, etc etc etc. While the mag is a capable platform to do it, you're going to be spending far more than you would if you were to pick up a more standard marker.
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Originally Posted by i8pie2day View Post
in mech mode?

also, an RT can keep up, but whether or not they are allowed in tourneys im not sure...

EDIT: Emags can be mech or e-semi. Pneumags use a pneumatic assist and are one pull one shot, but it is e-trigger pull weight because of the pneumatic assist. Price for an already made pneumag is about 600 or so, but you can make your own with a $40 parts kit.
mag79 is selling a sleeper pneu'd Stormwalk on AO for $210.

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I use a Mag when playing speedball. It has an X-Valve with ULT and my tank output is set to 1000psi. I have the ULT tuned such that it's right on the edge of having bounce. With this setup I can walk the trigger to around 10 bps or so. There's a noticable drop in shooting speed when my tank pressure drops below 1000psi, but I can shoot down to 500psi without any noticeable dropoff. A regular 800psi tank output would not allow you to shoot that fast without bounce.

A pneumag setup would shoot faster, but I'm more than satisfied with my current setup for speedball. I don't need to shoot faster. Keep in mind that I also play pump 90% of the time and with my Mag I average a single hopper in a game of five-man as I play front/mid and move more than I shoot.

I've never been questioned about bounce. Most people think it's an ION or a Shocker, anyways

Gratuitous pictures:

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