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Which Loader do you use on your Mag?

Just as the title says. Which loader do you use on your mag?
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classic 68, revvy
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Revvy, and my Mag has a Level 10 bolt (single trigger Classic Mag). I have yet to out shoot it.

I used a stock VL Jr. for a bit, but the buzzing noise and terrible battery life outweighed the small size and light weight.
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classic mag, Indian springs 100rd loader
same with the magrifle, Indian Springs 100rd
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Canuck Automagger
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camo rotor

love its simplicity and toughness had a vl revvy but it was a new crappy one and the shells went(it was used on a warp)
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Henchemen Inc!
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Currently an Apache + warpfeed. I have a reloader B that I'm working on mounting in the warp position to forcefeed back up. Supposing that works in principle I plan to end up with a Prophecy LTD
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Team Long Stroke
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Fan of EMR
I used my Rotor on a Micromag I used for castle.
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For my mag rifles and classic mags, I used either a winchester pocket hopper (for smaller profile) or a shake and bake (VL200).

For my Pneumags and Emags, it's always been a Halo. Needed somegthing to keep up with them.
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Autotriggerhappy. :)
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Revvy for mini and micro, halo/reloader for pneu/Emag.
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Emag*, Pneumag: Rotor

Strd mag W/ Xvalve: Empire Reloader

*: will run the Reloader with a Warp as well. Waiting for return from anno.

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