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JKR 02-11-2007 04:01 PM

AGD sales promotional ideas...
Every other day or so, you read the doom and gloom at about folks thinking AGD is going to go belly up soon. The latest sentiments such as these can be found in this thread...

So, in the interests of all AGD owners and future 'Mag toters, how can AGD boost it's sales, subsequently pump some money into R & D, and squelch the naysayers?

My idea...

I think they should release a Classic-valved model with Level 10 installed and sell it with a money-back guarantee. "Shoot this Automag for a month and if you don't like it, return it for a full refund." I firmly believe that most of those who try an Automag will most likely not want to return it. The idea that the sale will be totally risk free for the buyer would certainly stimulate sales.

Those that are returned can be refurbished and sold as used units at deep discounts to those of us that know 'Mags are forever!

fossilhead 02-11-2007 04:07 PM

With as much as some folks buy/sell/trade markers 1 month is nearly a lifetime.

Somehow AGD needs to let people know that a mag will last for 20+ years.
That it doesn't need expensive second/third party upgrades.
That a solid mech can compete with all the high end electro's.

I'm not sure how this can be done, but Palmer's is doing pretty good, and they don't really even advertise.

Mstrtal 02-11-2007 04:54 PM

Make their own versoin of the spyder mag as an entery level conter part to their E-Mags. Sell it in the same price range as a Ion. That would really get peoples attentoin especialy if they are sold at regular sports stores that sell a small selectoin of paintball items.

FeedTheDogg 02-12-2007 02:52 AM

Don't get me wrong, i repect companies that do a great deal more engineering and stuff then advertising. But I think AGD might need to advertise a little more, i mean a couple times i was at the field shooting my mag and players were all "whats that?" or "is that full auto" (while shooting a classic mag... :p Point is, i think AGD needs to advertise better and get their name out and what their products are like. Maybe make a cheaperish RT lv 10 mag, doesnt necessarly need to be ultra light but just something fast and reliable that doesnt chop...

fossilhead 02-12-2007 04:25 AM

Or make a pneumag!
Because I want one but I don't want to build one.

FeedTheDogg 02-12-2007 04:29 AM

Interesting, some of the ideas to boost sales are to simply use ideas already made by the pneu mag and spydermag...i like it. A spydermag is kind of cool because it can be made cheaply, and pneu mags are freaking awesome cause its going to keep up with just about any high end electro out there...ive seen the vids... anyways...maybe if they could offer those two in more affordable packages they could boost sales..

Deus Machina 02-12-2007 06:46 AM

Well, since 'mags seem to be popular with the old-schoolers, milsim guys, and tinkers, they should target those guys.

Old schoolers are already happy with the selection. Maybe drop the price a bit, or make one that *looks* like the stainless bodies, in aluminum to save weight.

For the tinkers, sell more aluminum bodies, add options for pneumags or electronics, so forth. A nice grip frame with more room in it would be *great*. My Gripstyx frame thankfully had enough room to mill it out to a shell, and weighs little more than half what it did stock.

Because the 'mag is so compact and simple, the milsim guys would be easy to work on. Put a small Co2 chamber in the grip, a 30-round spring-fed clip system on the front, and you'd have a very nice, very tiny little 'carbine', or something akin to an SMG. Sell some with wood. Sell Sydarm conversion kits. There's a *lot* you can do with a mag.

Heck, with a 'mag, they could go the Ion route, in a sense. Sell baseline mechanical ones. Most people wouldn't have to change that, but they could give the options for bodies, new gripframes, rifle kits, pistol bodies, e-grips, so forth.

shartley 02-12-2007 07:42 AM

I would not say Mags are “popular” with the old-school, tinkers, or milsim guys. Sorry. While some of those folks may buy Mags the majority in those groups do not.

The Mag in my opinion is a great marker, but hard to sell. They have sat on store shelves for a decade while diehard Mag fans claimed otherwise. Mag sales have made AGD a niche market and little more, in spite of what AGD has wanted.

They virtually ignored the woods in favor of trying to compete head to head with the tournament markers… and they fall flat. Now they are trying to gain more sales in the woods and scenario market. They seem to be doing better, but still not much more than a niche product.

I have seen AGD attempt to do marketing in the past and I think they just don’t have the funds to do so in the way needed to compete with already high selling companies. And honestly, I don’t think they should.

PPS seems to be doing fine as a niche market. But AGD fans always seem to think they HAVE to be on par with the big sellers in the industry. I just don’t see it happening…. EVER. I have seen too many of these types of threads, from customers AND AGD themselves, and nothing has changed.

The Mag is a hard sell when you can pay less and get MORE (read MUCH MORE) with other brands. And no amount of touting “quality” and “best mechanical on the market and can keep up with electronic markers” will sway the average player to pay Mag prices for a marker that does not shoot more paint more accurately than a relatively cheap e-marker which allows other “goodies” with it.

Please don’t take this as slamming the Mag, because it isn’t. But folks need to realize what a Mag is and what it isn’t and what AGD is and what they are not.

agentSmith 02-12-2007 08:22 AM

I kind of agree with Shartley and the metaphor I use is the Army M14 Rifle. It's a beatiful piece of steel and walnut art capable of incredible accuracy out to 1,000 meters that can hold it's own with any .308 semi ever made.
Unfortunately(except for the fraction of a fraction of the Army pulling sniper duty), soldiers engaged people at 300 meters or closer, and the gun was too expensive to build and feed for the whole army.
The automag will last for 20 years. The average person plays paintball for how many? Five? It's overengineered and underappreciated because of it.
People only want overengineering when it's free, not when they have to PAY for it.

So for many Pballers, it's buy an aluminum spyder or a used potmetal tippy with hopper and tank for $100 and spend the rest of the money on paint, instead of shelling that for a used barebones automag 68.
The Automag is a Range Rover, not an explorer and should be marketed accordingly. They want to have a high quality steel gun and sell them like hotcakes.

Most people wouldn't say Mcdonald's food was nourishing and tasty, but somebody bought those 8 billion, billion burgers. The automag sells on durability and quality, but that won't ring with people who only want the latest and greatest.


Walking_Target 02-12-2007 08:22 AM

if AGD really wants to compete in the market, the have to do *MARKETING*

an e-mag is, in my opinion, an excellent tourny marker, not only do you have the e-mode, but if for some reason, that fails, you have the mech mode to fall back on, the level X mechanical anti-chop works astoundingly well with brittle paint too, so you can get high rates of fire without breaks. if they could 'soup up' the warp feed to handle a HALO's feed rate, then they would be golden for the tourny player.

so they have several viable products right now

the best thing they could do is make a mag in the same price range as a moderately priced spyder or a Tippmann 98, drop their price point on the 'classic pro' model from $229USD to $170 USD or so, the benefit of this would be immediate if they could have the advertising available, not to mention the distribution network.

with a marker priced in the same bracket as a 98C, they could work the 'low maintenance/lasts forever' angle of their product.

the very big thing they could do to bring their product back into the spotlight, would be to have a known team run with mags of one discription or another

mayhaps if thought about this a bit....

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