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They will work flawlessly. I actually thought the Stabilizer what designed to keep liquid out of the Automag valve (hence, the sideline Stabilizer).

Add a 1200 psi gauge to the Stabilizer and set the output to around 700. It will work great with CO2. If you add an anti-siphon, you shouldn't have any problems with liquid.

Cold days can present problems. I would suggest the setup above, vertical bottle, or remote line. Those should help keep most liquid out. Shot count is going to suffer with any setup.
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Figured I'd revive this instead of making a whole new thread.

Think I'm gonna sell my Borg and HPA tank, leaving me with a Mag and some co2. My Mag is running fantastically with a PPS and angled ASA and a regular co2 tank -- still working on anti-siphon tanks.

Anyway, provided the tanks are not anti-siphon and I have no remote line, what should I expect when the weather is between 30 and 40 degrees? I've never used my Mag in that cold of weather, X-Valve, Classic or otherwise.
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An angled ASA ought to work as well as an anti-siphon. As far as cold weather, dunno, good luck.

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I'm not positive how the reg will work with the CO2 at those temps, what I do know is that my classic is set up with a 6 stage expansion chamber, 15*asa, and I was told by the guy that I asked advice from when I set it up that I should be good down to at least 40*F
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CO2 is a fickle bitch. I swear I've had the same CO2 setups on different mags and on one it was amazing, on the other...not so much.

I currently have a classic mag that I have an angled ASA for and a good expansion chamber. I think the angled AGD ASA has made all the difference - it's not my ideal tank placement but man does it take CO2 better. It was OK with the tank straight back, but much better angled.

I have a non angled ASA that is going to be on it most of the time since I typically don't have an issue getting HPA, but the angled ASA is always in my toolbox for days I need CO2.
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I agree co2 is a bitch, it took me forever to sweet-spot my set up, but now it is nasty consistent and I get no shoot-down. It's actually kind of unfair.

But I'm worried about having to tune it again for cold weather... not something I want to do. I'm not about to be rolling in the snow, but the time from September to Thanksgiving makes for the best woodsball and that's when it gets cold.
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Got no choice.
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Basically what's going to happen is you won't be able to get on the trigger as fast as you're use to in the winter. It'll work but the max your going to be hitting is 4-6 bps depending on how cold it gets. Anything faster and you'll be introducing the liquid into the marker. Best thing you can do is what we did in Germany back in the 90's. We'd get hand warmers ($2-3 a pop) and tape them down on the tank. That keeps the tank nice a warm and the liquid out of the marker. Another thing we did was run remotes in winter with the warmers in the coils or on the tank itself. The warmers last a good 5-8 hrs so you'll be fine for a typical day of balling.
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