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My son wanted a Z frame for his pump-mag, but I told him he would have to obtain one himself as he plays entire events with his mag and I didn't think it would be versatile enough. If you were to have only one marker, I don't think a Z or Y grip would be it...

However, if you kept your dux in the car, you could roll out a speedball setup at every bird banger of a scenario (or less). Dump a bag of paint on the contested areas and then go back to hunting with the dux.

There are a few warthogs that would spend all their scenario time on the "speedball" areas (spools, hyper, etc.) , but even with paint and air available it gets old to me. I would think a Z or Y would be nice for stalking through the brush, but once I found the opposition I couldn't run and shoot with one (I would miss having my arms flail about while shooting).

Laying down might be odd, or just right, (maybe once or twice an event for me).
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Originally Posted by Magoo View Post
I've held a Z-Grip, but only for a few seconds, as it was someone else's. Unfortunately, they are simply hard to come by where I am, so I really have to go by word-of-mouth.
If you want to give a 90* frame a shot, you can borrow mine sometime. I think it gives the bennies of a Y grip, but you can still run'n'gun with it.

Granted mine's warped, so that'll change up the feel, but if you're interested give me a holler sometime.
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