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Noob questions on valve / body / rail compatibly, and trigger frames!

Hey all,

I have a few basic questions on Mag compatibility. Right now, I have a Classic Automag, and I love it. However, I would like to upgrade the body to something with Autococker threads for the amount of barrel options and availably. However, I am throughly confused when it comes to what I can use with other parts, when it comes to things like "EM length" or "RT Rail" or "RT length" etc. I know that RT rails are longer, but don't understand much more.

Basically, I would like to upgrade the body and possibly rail, but for now I'm more than happy with the basic Classic valve and single trigger frame. I have no hurry to upgrade to a reactive / X valve, Pneu setup, or any kind of electronic setup - so ultimately I would like to find a rail and body setup that I can run a Classic valve and trigger setup with no issues.

Aside from that, what are the best single trigger frames made for Classic internal'd Mags? I have no problems with the stock composite frame; more of a curiosity type of question. I'd prefer to keep a single trigger setup over double for now.

Thanks for any help in advance!
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Sounds like you need a ULE body. They come in centerfeed and warp flavors. They are aluminum instead of steel, and are cocker threaded. They use a standard classic rail, also known as AM/MM (AutoMag/MiniMag).

Benchmark frames changes the trigger characteristics considerably. it makes the trigger slide a bit before engaging. Their triggers are nice, very comfy. I also had a 32* chrome single finger 45 frame. It was pretty, but not that comfy. Usable by any means. One sydarm I have uses a Benchmark frame, and I think it's my favorite single finger frame for mags.

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if you like the stainless body, you can get a mag to cocker thread adapter from doc's machine. if you want a whole different body, then go for a ULE body. any rail will work, except for Classic RT rails. for a single trigger frame, i like the stock composite frame, but benchmark makes a nice frame, so does dye. basically, you don't have a Classic RT, so pretty much any mag part will work. the sky is the limit!

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Okay, so a few follow ups:

Am I correct in saying that RT rails and Classic rails are not compatible?

The the majority of uprgrade bodies and rails (i.e., Venomous Designs, Deadlywind, RPG, etc..) RT based, or can I use Classic parts with it too? Probably won't dish out the money for any of these over the ULE, but just curious.

The Doc's adapter looks pretty cool; I'll definitely consider it. Hoping to find a cheap ULE though, and I'll probably have most of the winter before I get a chance to play again... so I have time. That way, I have an excuse to build another 'Mag .

Thanks for your help and patience guys, I appreciate it. These questions have always confused me.
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There are RT rails and then there are Classic RT rails. The Classic RT was and is the only gun that AGD ever made who's components are not interchangeable with other Mag parts. You will be able to use ANY body with ANY rail with ANY gripframe with ANY valve (as long as it's not CLASSIC RT). Below is an RT Pro (top) next to a Classic RT (bottom). The difference with the Classic RTs is that the air to the valve actually goes THROUGH the rail. Look at the photo and see how the hardline goes into the rail. The air then goes back to the field strip screw (the back screw on the frame that holds the valve in). In the Classic RT this is actually a banjo bolt (a bolt that allows air to flow through it). So the air then goes up into the valve from the bottom, not the side like every other valve made. The geometry of the Classic RT Rail is different from others as well. Because of the the way the valve is, the holes where the screw go are off I believe about 1/8" from all other rails.

So, in short, as long as you don't buy any Classic RT components, you will be just fine putting whatever you want on your gun.

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Originally Posted by xero28 View Post
So, in short, as long as you don't buy any Classic RT components, you will be just fine putting whatever you want on your gun.
just wanted some explicit confirmation on this point. I wanted to switch to a single trigger frame for my tac-1 and satrted off w/ a gripstyx tha id dint like too much. I then traded for a benchmark and when it got to me i realized the benchmark frame had wings and I use the AM/MM rail (the new milled style of tac-1 rails to be specific. the benchmark frame ended up attaching fine but i need to be sure I wont damage anything since there is now a small space between the top of the grip-frame and rail.

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Not to revive an old thread, but my question follows this ones theme...

The ULE bodies, these are Cocker threaded then? And where can you buy these bodies?
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Yes, ULE bodies are cocker threaded. Get them new from AGD or Tunamart.
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