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Nope, all stock, or at least a stock body, rail, grip, and valve. Not sure if grip frames came stock with them at one point in time, but he claims that he didn't do anything to it.

So he sold it right underneath me. Really kind of ticked over this.
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Huh. That sucks. Did you agree to purchase it?
Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?

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Yep, I was just trying to arrange getting to him. We live about an hour apart, without the traffic issues. I was going to be closer to his area today so I was going to pick it up today. Then he sold it right out from underneath me.
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Hurrah, I got a steal of a deal from a kid!

He got all of this stuff from a neighbor for $100, plus a bit of other stuff, like low end paintball guns and whatnot. Heh, I got all of this for $147:

FrankenMag. ULE body, RT rail, looks like a VASA and foregrip from a Tac-One, single trigger frame, CP drop forward with ASA (Not an on/off or purging on/off), and X-Valve.

CP high pressure regged 68/4500 tank that went out of hydro almost literally a year ago (Tomorrow makes a year).

Three barrels, one newer SP All American, one older SP with really cool black tip that has silver and red splash on it, and a J&J black barrel (New SP and J&J are 14ish, the old SP is about 16 inches).

Halo backman hopper with messed up feedneck (Works fine otherwise).

Viewloader VL2000 Power series with SHREDDER battery box (The agitator arm is not as big in diameter, but tall), half black, half clear/white.

WGP barrel bag, Redz barrel fluffy, smoke JT Spectra lens (Probably bad as I see some really small minute stress type cracks on the part that goes over the nose), and a stick squeegee.

Three plastic bins filled with all sorts of stuff, like a Cocker LPR, two brass Clippard rams, about a foot of Macro, about three feet of Cocker hose, a PTP Pro-Feed Universal powerfeed, a side rod for a Cocker, some Battle Lube, bottomline ASA, a red metal barrel plug on a long ballchain (You can wear like a dogtag), lots of Allen wrenches, springs (Most likely for the X-Valve), screws, o-rings, washers, macro fittings, a pair of male end connectors, one female connectors, trigger shoes (One red, one gold, two black), some things that look like valves, one brass poppet valve, with two brass poppets, a pair of what look like two way pins, an AGD valve velocity screw in part, and another one that looks like it has the larger velocity limiter to keep things from getting faster, and a bunch of things that have a knurled knob, no hole but a slot from the middle out, and no threading.

I will have to get pics tomorrow, but for now, from his CL ad (I live Craigslist):

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I also forgot to mention that there is a small baggie with what look to be the Level 10 spacers (Eight of them, with three of one height, three of another height, and two of a third height. I am guessing that one is in the bolt.), the ULT trigger shims (Two thin metal shims and one thicker plastic like one), and a separate Sandana thing that is green tiger stripe, with a black webbing material "headband" and a Nasty Boys logo patch stitched on the back.
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Head wrap is the background for the pictures, the flash was turned off, but you should be able to see them well enough.
Hoppers and air tank:

Mag, X-Valve, shims and inserts kit, barrel bag, lens, and all three barrels?

Close up of the valve, baggie, and lens:

All three tool kits:

Right kit with LPR, red plug, Allens, and springs:

Middle kit with two Clippard rams, lube, hoses, and such:

Left kit with "stuff":

Brass valve and two poppets(?) and two two way pins...(?):

Left ones look like Mag velocity adjusters, but the things on the right?:


I think that I kept expecting him to cry rape when I left his house with everything. I kind of hurried out of the neighborhood.
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you totally robbed that kid....that is theft...utter and total theft :P
you should feel ashamed of yourself.

I'm jealous.
Originally Posted by Friedmoose View Post
automags are easy on the upkeep to, from what my friends have told me u can clean them with a hammer
Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
We can always hack and mold it the way we want it. This is MCB after all....
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Originally Posted by teh dead View Post
and one thicker plastic like one
That's a level 10 backing washer, in case you loose the one in there. They don't wear out, but are necessary. It's the first thing in the bottom of the power tube.

They are like rail bushings; people forget to put them back and have all sorts of odd problems.
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That's good to know Spider! Thanks.
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