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FSarmy 04-13-2007 08:13 AM

Lookin for a mag
Hey ive been playing paintball for awhile now and ive mostly had electros. My good friend owned a mag and I loved it. IM looking at a Magsmith RT ULE but im not sure any suggestions

Robertsr 04-13-2007 08:42 AM

Can't really lose with that one. Just make sure your air tank puts out 700-800 psi at least. If you have a low pressure tank you won't be able to operate the gun properly.

Walrus 04-13-2007 08:57 AM

I wouldn't hesitate to order from The Mag Smith. Rouge is a great guy to work with and has always responded right away with any questions I throw at him. He also stands behind what he sells too and will help you in everyway possible if you are having trouble tuning your gun. I will throw in my $.02 if you want to get a mech Mag, get one of his custom triggers with a roller bearing (along with an Intelliframe), an Excile body, and the ULT (if you want a lighter trigger). His products are great and you won't be dissapointed!

I ordered a new ULE based Mag back in '05. At first I was only going to be able to get the basics until I learned of Tunaman and Rouge (The Mag Smith). They were able to give me a better price than the other places and allowed me to make uprades to stay within my price limit! I ended up with a Intelliframe with a viper blade trigger, RPG thrasher rail, ULE body, CP foregrip, ULT, and of course an X-valve with lvl10 for the budget I was on. It was all tuned and ready to go out of the box and I couldn't have been happier. I bought from Tuna because he wasn't as busy at that time, but Rouge is just as good if not better.

Also, like Robertsr said find a high pressure HPA tank if you are getting an X-valve. You don't have to buy an adjustable one, but make sure the one you do get has the output of 800 PSI with a good recharge rate. Otherwise you won't be doing the Mag justice!

AGDRetro 04-13-2007 10:34 AM

I now have 2.5 Mags, my Karta RT Pro and an Omega Rail'd ULE Classic (the Dallara remains an unfinished project at this point) and couldn't be happier. I've owned all sorts of Cockers (WGP, DYE, MacDev & 4 Shocktechs), 2 Shockers, an Angel, old Tribal... you name it! But the Mag simply has the most enjoyable feel to it while shooting. The reactivity of a Mag trigger feels so unique and the sound is so distinctive. Mags are simply the finest (and fastest!) mechanical paintball guns you will ever find! Get a Viperblade or the new Splinter trigger from RPG... you won't regret it!

going_home 05-06-2007 05:48 PM

Honestly you will get a better deal on an RT Pro from moderator Tunaman . If you dont mind stock parts, performance is the same.
Heres one on his website :

Tunamart ($385.00)

But email him from his website or PM him from AO , the price will be much better than getting it off his site.
I have bought several markers from him. It sometimes takes him a few days to answer emails, he gets hundreds a day. So type in the subject line something that will catch his eye, like, "WTB a new RT Pro" or something like that.
The Tac One is a sweet one.
You will pay more from because its all stock parts that have been modified or lightened. That = mo money .

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